DOCKTALK: I found @onetxfishingal aka Misty Schmidt, iBass360 ProStaff, on Instagram. I was a bit confused at first because this Texas gal seems to do a lot of fish catching in New York. It raised my curiosity so I was pleased when Misty took some time with us to explain her Texas and New York fishing connections as well as her love of pro fishing.

DOCKTALK: What are your earliest fishing memories?

MISTY: My earliest fishing memories are few and far between. I vaguely remember fishing with my Grandpa a couple of times as a little girl. I mostly remember my brother doing all the fishing on family vacations. I didn’t start fishing until a couple of years ago.

DOCKTALK: Are you a Texas angler or New York angler?

MISTY: That’s a funny question being as I’m from Texas, born and raised. I’m definitely a Texas angler. Texas is tough fishing for me though. I seem to have better luck in New York. I’m just fortunate enough to have some really awesome friends from New York that I get to go up and fish with.

DOCKTALK: I noticed that you have fished with Jamie Hartman quite a bit. How do you know Jamie?

MISTY: Jamie Hartman is a good friend of mine that is responsible for the love I have for bass fishing. I had been a crappie fisherman and he took me to Lake Champlain in May of 2015 and introduced me to bass fishing for the first time. We’ve had a lot of fun and made some great memories while fishing, so it means a lot to me to see Jamie’s success in the Elites this year. At every opportunity, I will load my kids up, and take a road trip on Championship Sunday to support Jamie. I tell him all the time that his day is coming, and I just hope to be there cheering him on- loud and proud- when it does.

DOCKTALK: Can you give us one secret/inside knowledge that you learned from fishing with Jamie that you have applied to your fishing?

MISTY: I’ve learned so much from Jamie but wouldn’t consider any of it secret/inside knowledge. Everything Jamie has shared with me I apply to my own fishing from tying knots and different techniques to fish care.

DOCKTALK: Your Instagram shows that you enjoy all of professional fishing. Who are your other favorite pros?

MISTY: I am a fan first and foremost, so I do enjoy all of professional fishing. Knowing a pro personally allows me the opportunity to see just how hard pro anglers work. The average person might only see that a pro spends his/her time traveling the country and fishing in different lakes, much like a vacation. That is definitely NOT the case. I really have a lot of respect for all pro anglers, especially the awesome lady anglers that clearly hold their own like Trait Zaldain and Jennifer DeGrie.

DOCKTALK: What are your favorites bodies of water in your area that you love to fish?

MISTY: My favorite lake in Texas would probably have to be Sam Rayburn. I don’t get to fish it very often, but it’s a beautiful and amazing fishery year round. Lake Fork is also a favorite for obvious reasons. The bass capital of Texas is only about an hour from my home.

DOCKTALK: You clearly love bass fishing. What are your favorite methods for fishing for bass?

MISTY: If I’m fishing for largemouth my favorite technique is a Texas rigged worm. I have the most confidence in that technique. Patience has been the key to success for me, and as a beginner that is definitely tough sometimes.

DOCKTALK: You have had some bass tournament success. What do you enjoy about the competition of fishing?

MISTY: As far as tournaments, honestly I fished some just for the whole experience of it all. These days I’m more into fun fishing. I will however fish benefit tournaments. I’m actually preparing for the 2nd Annual Reeling in the Cure Bass Tournament at Belton Lake that will be held on September 9th. Pink Fishing is an amazing organization and I’m really looking forward to fishing this one.

DOCKTALK: What other species do you like to fish for?

MISTY: In Texas I like to go crappie fishing. They are fun little fish to catch and taste delicious. When I go up north I love to catch walleye, by far my favorite fish to eat.

DOCKTALK: What are your fishing goals for the future?

MISTY: My fishing goals for the future would definitely be to learn. I’m always in search of a good teacher that’s willing to share their time and knowledge with me. Along with that, I also hope to inspire more women to pick up a rod and reel and enjoy the outdoors. Fishing has filled so many voids for me. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, not to mention made some special friends that I hold very near and dear to my heart. I plan to continue to travel and fish as often as possible. I’m getting pretty comfortable visiting New York and have a deep love for the smallmouth fishing there. It’s an amazing part of this great country to learn a little something about catching fish.

DOCKTALK: Thanks Misty. Great stuff! Good luck with the rest of your 2017 fishing season.


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