I recently heard about Recon Custom Baits through one of my Pro Staff team members at iBass360, Eric Braithwaite Jr. I saw some of his pictures and was impressed with the quality bass he was catching, so I decided to check it out for myself. In short, I was blown away at the quality of products they offer, so let me share what I found out.

Recon was the dream of Casey Sellers, a 10 year Marine veteran who started Recon Fishing as a hobby to help him cope with his PTSD. It quickly transended hobby status as Casey’s passion to make baits and test them under live fishing conditions provided him a sense of relief from his stress. The passion drove the transition of Recon Fishing to a full-fledged business with the mission of “arming” anglers with the high quality custom baits required to achieve the objective of catching big “camera-worthy” bass.

Recon’s baits are custom poured, custom painted, and packaged to designs proven under many different freshwater fishing situations. One of the things that impressed me is how the team at Recon actively seeks feedback from their customers as to how the baits perform. The freshwater success led to the addition of ice and saltwater fishing products to the Recon line. Casey works hard to keep his baits affordable and functional for virtually all your fishing needs.

Of course it is invaluable that the Recon Team consists of veterans who are avid fishermen tired of shelling out a lot of money for baits for their active fishing which included tournaments. Casey has manufactured top of the line baits and he expects the same kind of dedication from his Pro Staff. He has set the bar high for his Pro Staff to achieve his growth plan. The type of dedication Recon puts into manufacturing the baits is the same dedication the Pro Staff team puts in, a team that truly dedicated to serving Recon Custom Baits and its customers.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Eric Braithwait Jr. about his experiences with Recon Custom Baits. The following are some of the highlights of my interview:

Kevin: How long have you been fishing ?

Eric: I’ve been fishing since I was 7 so that is about 23 years give or take a couple months.

Kevin: What is your role as a Director at Recon Custom Baits?

Eric: I serve as Pro Staff Director, and it is my duty to check in on a weekly basis with each member of our team. I also advertise and promote the Recon brand as well as demonstrate the products and various techniques for using them.

Kevin: What’s your favorite Recon bait and how do you like to fish them?

Eric: My favorite is the awesome smoke shad and i present it like a dead shad in water, gets them every time!

Kevin: So with all the baits on the market, why Recon?

Eric: I prefer to use Recon Baits because they are reliable, durable, and this finish seems to really catch the fish’s eye.

Kevin: Where do you see Recon Baits in the next 5 years?

Eric:    I really see that the Recon team can drive the business to be amongst the most commonly recommended bait companies, one many of the professional anglers prefer to use.

Eric is a great brand ambassador for the Recon brand. He knows how to spread the word about Recon and certainly loves the fact that a big part of spreading the word is getting out on the water to have fun catching fish. After doing my personal recon on Recon, I can tell you that if it is big bass you are after, “Send in the Recon!” Check out their website at www.ReconCustomBaits.com

Kevin Carwile is passionate about his bass fishing. His fishing began in Indiana and  has moved to Virginia, Illinois that is. Like a lot of us, Kevin has learned the craft of bass angling from his experiences. To his personal learnings he has added sharing ideas with fellow anglers at the tackle shop, at the launch and online. What he has learned, he fine tunes on the water. As an iBass360 pro staff he now is in a good position to share his knowledge with fellow anglers who are where he was. This is his second article for iBass360 for which we are very appreciative. Kevin is also Pro Staff for LawDog Lures.

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