» » » » THEIR BUSINESS IS YOUR SAFETY: Part 1- Mustang Survival


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Editors Note: This is the first in a periodic series profiling companies dedicated to Angler safety

At iBass360, we like to think safety and the safety of the 360Nation while fishing is our first order of business. Life preserver? Check. Alternate method of propulsion? Check. Fire extinguisher(s)? Check. Visual warning device? Check. Audio signal device? Yep, got my whistle. Throw float on a rope? Better than my soap on a rope, check! At Mustang Survival, part of the Safariland Group of brands, our safety has been their sole business since 1967- designing and manufacturing lifesaving solutions for over 50 years. This company that started out with five employees and a small warehouse now serves customers worldwide from their 43,000 square feet head office and manufacturing facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada with customer service, sales, distribution, and manufacturing located in Washington, West Virginia, and Florida.

There is a common thread amongst the people at Mustang Survival – a true passion for finding innovative and practical solutions to make a difference in how lives can be saved. Through innovation and application of new technologies, Mustang has become a leading supplier of quality flotation and personal protective equipment for even the most demanding “on the water” customers. Ideas and concepts for new products are the result of addressing real life user needs- protecting kids, boaters or fishermen- whether on a boat, the bank or on the ice- that unintentionally fall in the water, have to deal with an onboard emergency or in-water hypothermia- all focused on giving customers the best chance of survival should they need it.

Mustang is unique in the industry in that they control the entire product development and production cycle- from initial research and product prototyping through product testing, final production and quality assurance. The attention to detail does not end with shipping of the products. Mustang has a nationwide network of Mustang Certified Dealer and Service Facilities where products are sold, serviced, inspected, maintained and repaired. They hold themselves to the highest quality control standards in all their North American facilities, including ISO 9001:2008 certification. You need not ask any employee why Mustang insists on such uncompromising standards- lives depend on their products and 100% performance when needed.

Our own Scott Cormier is a firm believer in Mustang products. Scott uses their Elite Inflatable for the comfort and reliability of the Hydrostatic Inflator Technology. Other believers include bass fishing superstars like Mike McClelland and Dave Mercer. But it is really the weekend warrior, the fisherman and leisure boaters and their families, that are the intended beneficiary of Mustang’s recreational products, safety products that are designed for maximum comfort, mobility and fun. Oh yes, Mustang will definitely help you Live The Passion!

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