Got A Plan For Spring? Better Plan To Dive, Suspend & Jerk!

I was texting with an iBass360 colleague today- snow in Michigan.   Although it has not been as bad as the last two winters, the Ol’ Man has had us dug … Read More

He Loves Spoonin’, But Not Always With His Wife

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Ice Out: Bottom Grindin’, Middle Movin’, Top Teasin’ but Subtly

by Bruce Edward Litton By early March, lakes and reservoirs of the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeast are typically ice-free. At this time, largemouth bass become responsive to a variety … Read More

January Means Bowl Games, Playoffs and Jigs….Football Jigs for Bass

When water temperatures head south and fish metabolism slows, the hobby fishermen are at home in front of the TV. But for serious anglers, it’s time to head outside to … Read More