Late Southern Fall- Last Hoorah For The Shallows

Editor’s Note: As a national organization, iBass360 articles cover a variety of geographies. This late fall article focuses on Southern waters. Late fall/early winter fishing south of the Mason-Dixon line … Read More

Ice Out: Bottom Grindin’, Middle Movin’, Top Teasin’ but Subtly

by Bruce Edward Litton By early March, lakes and reservoirs of the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeast are typically ice-free. At this time, largemouth bass become responsive to a variety … Read More

Looking for Fireworks? Try Top Water Under Changing Light Conditions

Nothing in bass fishing explodes like the fireworks of presenting a topwater plug, or buzzbait at just the right time. A surface strike from a big bass can make a … Read More

Love That Dirty Water- A Bassin’ Sing-Along!

  Old man winter has left the building and spring is finally here. with it comes early season bassin’!  I have gone through my gear relentlessly over the winter months.  The boat is prepped … Read More