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Product Review: Dobyns Rods

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Dobyns_logo_ibass360Dobyns Rods is the brainchild of Gary Dobyns who honed his rod building skills through decades of tournament fishing. Gary’s 100 tournament victories, set a standard for adhering to strict design principles and tight manufacturing tolerances are built into his rods- some of the best in the industry. iBass360 field staffer Robbie Philips reviews the  Dobyns line. dobyns_rods_ibass360


 I have had the pleasure to own a few different Dobyns rods including the Champion 733c , Champion 705cb, and the Champion Extreme 702sf Finesse. Let me start off by saying Dobyns stands by their products with an amazing warrantee service- a lifetime warranty on factory defects and replacement service if the rod is broken (your fault) for a fraction of the cost of new- you don’t even have to be the original owner. I have experienced this service, having fallen on my rod while wading river rocks shattering the first 6 inches of a Champion 705cb. I called on a Wednesday before a weekend tournament and explained what happened. They had me ship the rod UPS providing them a tracking number, and I prepaid the next day air, and for under $100, I had the rod like new before the weekend. They saved my favorite rod and my tournament.

 Dobyns features the Champion, Champion Extreme, Coalition, Savy and Savy Lite spinning and casting lines including specialty variations for flipping, pitching, crankbait and swimbait fishing. I use the 733c, a 7 foot 3 inch medium / heavy  fast action rod. It is very sensitive and I find it best used with spinner baits 3/8-3/4 ounce, swim jigs and football heads up to 1/2 ounce, frogs, and chatterbaits- an excellent all-around rod. My 705cb is a 7 foot medium / heavy moderate / fast  crankbait rod, excellent for shallow to medium diving crankbaits, including square bills, and single swimbaits 1/4 to 1/2 oz. My favorite bait to throw on this rod is a lipless crankbait 3/8-3/4 ounce because this rod has the sensitivity to feel each small bump, and load up slower than a non- crankbait allowing the fish take the bait. It also has the back bone necessary to control the fish without ripping the hooks.

My Champion Extreme DX 702sf is a 7 foot medium / lite fast action rod with an extremely sensitive tip that allows you to feel the slightest bump- a key to finesse fishing. I use this rod for tubes, shaky heads, weightless wacky worms and drop shot. Its the only spinning rod you will need and it has backbone to spare.


New England native and FLW Pro Paul Mueller uses Dobyns and has attributed his recent tourney successes to these rods. Being a smallmouth aficionado, Paul certainly has given these rods a workout.

How about you? Live The Passion – Robbie

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