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Sick The LawDog On ‘Em!

Being part of the Promotional Staff for one of your favorite bait companies is one of the truly enjoyable and even rewarding things you can achieve if you’re into fishing as much as I am. When it comes to bait companies I prefer not to spend all my resources with the mega tackle companies. I like to work with baits from new companies, the various up and coming guys looking to fulfill their dreams as aspirations, the ones that try to offer something different from the mainstream lures. It was for this reason that, after trying their products with success, I applied and was accepted to join the pro staff for LAWDOG LURES.

Lawdog was founded in the spring of 2015 by owner Steven Lawson. Being a fellow Hoosier was also a plus for me as Steve hails from Danville. Indiana- just a quick hour and half from my hometown of Covington. It was shortly after he set it up that I found Steve’s site while researching new lure companies. I noticed early on that Steve offered something that a lot of other manufacturers don’t. He not only offered his own custom color creations, he also allows the angler to design his or her own patterns, have old favorites custom re-painted, and to pick out their own color schemes- even for lures of Lawdog’s original design.

Talking with Steve, I found that he definitely goes above and beyond to help his customers achieve exactly what they are looking for in a bait, and he gets a real kick out of seeing his work produce great results on the water. Lawdog offers a great selection of baits. In addition to growing their repaint business, they are ready to bring some knockout new swimbaits to market in 2018.

Lawdog offers very good value at $10 a lure for custom work. You can trust me on this, $10 is a great deal for the quality of his work. I also know that is policy of “buy 3 get one free” is friendly to the budget minded angler- something not commonly offered for great bait custom work. Some of my personal favorites are 1) The Winter Soldier, a slick looking blue craw pattern that is a 1.5 sized diver to the 6 to 8 ft. range; 2) Another deep diver is the Stranger Thang, which features a great looking olive/ orange craw pattern as well; 3) And then there is
the “I Charted”, an awesome green Megabass-style crank with a crappie-like pattern. This one also comes in a pattern called King Krappie
which really matches the hatch. Then there is FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) which resembles a shiny silver bullet- guaranteed to give off the
needed “muzzle flash” when called to duty- definitely a strike producer. One last color scheme I really like is Toxic Turmoil- new in 2017 and already on its way towards making the list of got to have lures for this year.

You may be thinking you’ve seen the logo before or heard something about Lawdog’s performance recently. That is because Steve is very active promoting his lures, even getting some attention from elite anglers fishing the Bassmaster and FLW Elite trails.. Steve has positioned his company to be noticed and get some tryouts from such high profile fishermen.  He hopes to “lure” them in to give his products a try. As Steve says, once that happens, the rest is history! That is what we at iBass360 call Living The Passion!

Whether your interest is one of Steve’s creations or a design of your own, check out Lawdog. I have six different designs in my box right now for a variety of catching situations- and they have delivered! Lawdog can be found on Facebook and Instagram @lawdog_lures. The Lawdog store will soon be available on-line. Meanwhile you can PM Steven, or me with your questions and orders. Once you get your hands on these lures you will definitely Live The Passion!


iBass360 ProStaff and blogger, Kevin Carwile, is passionate about his bass fishing. His fishing began in Indiana and  has spread to his current home- Virginia, Illinois. Like a lot of us, Kevin has learned the craft of bass angling from his experiences. To his personal learnings he has added sharing ideas with fellow anglers at the tackle shop, at the launch and online. What he has learned, he fine tunes on the water. As someone moving into pro staff positions, he can share his knowledge with fellow anglers who are where he was. This is his second article for iBass360 for which we are very appreciative. Kevin is also Pro Staff for LawDog Lures.

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