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1000 Islands Not Just For Salad Dressing

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Whiskey River tubes are smallmouth candy

For the better part of two centuries New York's 1000 Islands- the area that bridges Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River- has offered anglers great fishing action. In days of old, the fishery was a play ground for the rich and super rich. Guides dressed in suits and ties and rowed fancy city folk to the fishing grounds in beautiful wooden St. Lawrence skiffs. With today's Nitros, Bass Cats, Rangers and Skeeters, times have sure changed, but one thing has remained the same- big smallmouth still roam the reefs in crystal clear water and they continue to challenge fishermen from all over the country- including B.A.S.S. Elites- year after year. iBass360 pro staff and People's Champ Nick Ferry recently took on these bassy waters and had

the following observations.

The vast waters of the 1000 Islands are rich with large populations of small and

largemouth bass, northern pike, perch, walleye, and BIG muskie. When you fish this area there is always a real possibility for you to reel in a personal best in any one of these species. For beginning anglers or those without a fishing boat, Kayak or canoe, there are a lot of choices for guided charters. If you have good electronics, studied the maps and gotten tips from local tackle shops you'll do fine on your own.

When you're fishing the eastern edge of Lake Ontario you should be chasing trophy-sized salmon, trout, muskie and walleye. As you move to the island reef and grassy bay areas further into the river, the two species of bass become the prey of choice.

Prime fishing can be done June through December and you should be prepared to have

both a New York and Ontario fishing license if want total flexibility in these waters.

The Elites will be chasing LARGEMOUTH in the warm shallows warm featuring aquatic vegetation, submerged wood, man-made cover, and rocks. Those casting for SMALLMOUTH BASS will find success in deeper water, often around rock reefs or areas featuring sanding or gravelly areas amongst the structure.

This is a great area for vacations as there is a lot to do on both sides of the boarder. Plan to watch the Elites on LIVE.

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