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Imagine a world where all people on the Autism spectrum- young and more life-experienced, can reach their full potential. Autism Awareness is all about accelerating the reality of that vision with solutions to benefit those individuals with autism and their families. Awarenes is critical because it can lead to increased understanding, advocacy and support, all of which are critical for acceptance of people with autism and advancing research into causes and better interventions. Awareness is advanced through partnerships and collaborations that help achieve a more equitable and accessible world for those on the spectrum. The work of awareness will address and highlight biases and disparities that create obstacles to achieving equality and accessibility.

Autism is defined as a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, to varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. It is said that when you meet one person with autism, you have met one person with autism. Each person on the spectrum is unique in the way they behave. Meltdowns, extreme focus, verbal vs. non-verbal, a passion to know everything about that subject, extra time to get ready, ability to understand looks and ques people give you- every person is a unique set of differences.

Autism Anglers is an awareness based group with a mission is to bring acceptance of the unique aspects of a person's autism through the sport of fishing. They set out to achieve this through education and by usiing fishing as a calming therapy for those on spectrum. There partnerships and collaborations help them outfit anglers on the with autism with fishing gear. They are looking to expand the program to include fishing trips with registered fishing guides. They have and are recruiting a growing number of professional and amateur anglers to achieve this, potentially even extending it to incorporate fishing tournaments.

In the case of Autism Anglers, donations are critical for their program, advertising, giveaways and raffles to help raise awareness and keep our organization moving forward. The staff is 100% volunteer and they are most welcoming of people like you, the fishermen, to help in any way you can. Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available, and they are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, making all donations tax deductible.


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