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Surf and turf is an impressive meal for your Valentine's Day dinner, but the price of beef and the salty price of lobster have almost limited this kind of eating to those with Royal lineage. iBass360 recently did an article ( on the freshwater Eelpout/Burbot and many commented that this was a tasty Poorman's Lobster. Monkfish, an equally tasty, firm, deep saltwater white fish is also considered a substitute for the big clawed crustacean. If you can put your hands on some Burbot/Eelpout caught through the ice, or some monkfish, you can eat like a King & Queen for a lot less with this simple recipe.

LOBSTER MUSHROOM BURBOT WITH CRAYFISH BUTTER. There are some delicacies that any amateur chef should keep on hand. One is shellfish butter. Take some raw or cooked shrimp heads, crawdad heads and tails, the shells of both, fish heads etc., and pound them with a mallet to release their juices. Put the smash in a pot and add melted unsalted butter just to cover. simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes, adding a little water to make the butter float. After 30 minutes, the butter will taste like shellfish. Strain out the shells and residue and chill. Remove any pure deep orangy butter and then simmer to sterilize and remove water. You can refrigerate this shellfish butter for a couple months, or freeze for longer. Heat in a sauce pan when you are ready to serve.

Here are the INGEDIENTS for this simple dish: * lobster mushroom rub or ground lobster mushrooms * Burbot/Monfish filets cleaned, trimmed, and cut into bite-sized pieces * Kosher salt as needed * Italian parsley optional * Crustacean butter * Your favorite flavorless oil for sauteeing the fish

Now, your INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Season the burbot pieces with salt, then dredge in the lobster mushroom mixture dusting off the excess.

2. Meanwhile, heat some oil in a pan until hot, and fry the fish pieces, turning once to caramelize each side, working quickly so they don't overcook. 3. Remove the cooked fish pieces to a paper towel to drain, then serve immediately on with lemon wedges, fried parsley (this can be prepared well in advance just by deep frying your parsley leaves) , and warmed dipping cups of the butter.

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