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Since 1986, Okuma has designed and manufactured fishing rods and reels from their base in Taiwan. They set out to deliver the ultimate fishing experience to all fishermen by creating fishing rods and reels that have the latest technology and deliver precise, reliable, and comfortable performance at an affordable price. Given the commitment of their competitors, Okuma had to really focus on affordable technologies that delivered the high level of reliability and quality anglers required, while at the same time focus on keeping costs as low as possible through advancement in materials and design.

In looking for a partner to expand their line of rods and reels into other tackle, Okuma looked for a company with the same goal- a commitment to research that produces designs that will perform at the highest level at a cost anglers can handle. Fish Lab was just that kind of teammate. we learn by doing. They treat the water as a lab and apply the latest in technology to the science of that environment and the fish that live in it. By applying decades of experience,

bold creativity, a little patience and a lot of testing time on the water, Fish Lab increases the probability of developing lures that catch a lot of fish. They apply science to understand the target fish and the food they eat and design lures that are realistic, scientifically accurate, meticulously crafted, and designed for one purpose- catching fish.

This alliance between a US tackle company, a Chinese lure maker and a Japanese designer has made Okuma a truly diversified global brand, and the team behind Fish Lab, led by Product Manager Mike Bennett, have thrived ever since. There first move was to team with a long-time friend, Jackie Hsu, owner of Fish Inc. Hsu has tremendous experience in developing lures and working with lure factories, which is exactly what Fish Lab needed to both go global while at the same time start developing unique lures for the US market.

Determined to grow the Fish Lab brand, Okuma has made sure it is amply resourced

In product development, John Bretza and Bennett were able to add Daniel Ramos to handle all aspects of product launch and testing. But they needed one more piece- the X Factor- which is why they have added Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Angler and award-winning lure and hook designer Bill Siemantel to the mix.

A lifelong friend of the fishing industry and a good friend of iBass360, Siemantel has influenced the sport for more than 30 years as a tournament angler, fishing guide, and mentor of young anglers. He authored The Big Bass Zone with B.A.S.S. senior writer Michael, and he brings more than 15 years as designer of the BBZ-1 lures and Dolls Hair Phat Flies. Siemantel’s success nationally in both fresh and saltwater environments will be a great asset to the growth of the brand as he works hand-in-hand with the team to develop and bring

cutting edge designs to market.

In talking about bringing Bill onboard, Okuma President Doug Lasko. Noted that “Bill brings a track record of success with him in many areas of the fishing industry. I’ve always believed that when you surround yourself with good people, good things happen”. Lasko views Siemantel as a team player that “fits right in with the Okuma and Fish Lab culture”.


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