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By this time, only the hardiest of our fellow surfcasters have not put away their equipment for the season. The holidays have come and gone. or most people, it means spending more time indoors, especially with the uncertainty of the pandemic. However, this time of the year is the perfect time to begin your preparation for the upcoming season.

What can you do this winter to help you make the upcoming season the best one yet?

Unfortunately, there are a few fishing shows that have been cancelled already for 2022, and this situation will be fluid due to Covid 19 concerns. This may limit the number of shows and seminars available, but it does not limit the amount of good information available that can be

beneficial for your upcoming season. Fortunately, we live in a time of technology giving us easy access, via the internet, to a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics. This includes access to a wide variety of instructional videos as well. This wealth of information available in cyberspace can benefit all level of anglers. There is always something new to learn and if you can learn one new thing that makes you a better angler, it’s worth the research time. In the absence of shows, the internet can be your window to new gear- rods, reels, lures etc. that have been introduced for the upcoming season. You can also research lures you have heard about, wanted to try, but haven’t yet simply due to the lack of time to research.

The winter is also a good time for some productive reading. Whether through reading a few books or catching up on some magazine articles you may have put aside for future reading.

There are always new books and articles that can be found on all aspects of surf and other saltwater fishing, and it has been my experience that you can never read enough about fishing, and I basically do all my reading in the winter months. I have a few magazine subscriptions- On the Water Magazine and The Fisherman- and I use this time to get caught up on all the issues I missed during the season.

Lastly, one of the most important things you can do this winter to help make your upcoming season more successful, is scouting for new possible fishing locations using apps like Google Earth. Once you have identified so possibilities, travel to those locations during the day at low tide and see what structure they have to offer. Identify and document the structure in those areas and see if the areas have potential to be productive come the spring.

Honestly, the last couple of years have put a damper on a lot of things. Despite this, there is no reason to let these issues keep you from becoming a better angler- no matter whatever your skill level. So cast your pent-up time and energy into some of the research and preparation activities I’ve mentioned. I’m guarantee it can enhance your knowledge, which in turn will increase your chances of having your best fishing season yet. Knowledge and preparation lead to success, which hopefully results in a personal best! Stay healthy and positive, and before you know it, the spring run will be here, and your line will be tight. Live the Passion! features a monthly surfcasting blog from Bernie Hoyt , a NYS Certified Fishing

Guide with over 30 years of experience fishing the legendary waters of Long Island. He is well known for his informative seminars at saltwater shows in the Northeast. Bernie offers a variety of options for you to keep up with the surfcasting scene including his podcast and radio show. You can contact Bernie for details on Facebook through Bernie Bass Surfcasting Services, on Instagram @Bernie_bass, and through his website at


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