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Getting Your Mojo On Kayak Style

Fishing from a kayak requires its own brand of creativity. It's challenging for sure. So when St. Croix set out to design a rod for kayak fishing the expectation was to meet this challenge head on. The result was incredibly rewarding- recognition as a best of class rod at ICAST 2018. In designing the Mojo Yak, the St. Croix designers had to consider how an angler fishes inside the kayak given its space restrictions, and address the challenges of operating in tight, wet, unforgiving quarters. For example, every other inch of a kayak is a hard surface- a potential graveyard for busted guides and rings. The Mojo Yak features Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with strong aluminum-oxide rings that take a beating.

The rod’s handle was also created with the kayak angler in mind. The kayak is a wet,

sometimes cold and always slippery environment- especially in late fall and early spring- and the team brought a superior polymer grip technology to the design. the comfort handle is super tacky and shock absorbent as the patented material provides a sure-grip even in the cold.

In the kayak, its the little things that make a difference. The Mojo Yak has a shorter split-grip with a rounded butt end so that the rod has a lesser chance of snagging on the vest fabric. Another detail not overlooked is the overall rod balance from the seated position and this was accordingly improved by reducing tip weight.

Finally, a kayak angler needs a rod with backbone to hoist fish from the water. With that in mind, the new Mojo Yak is available in six spinning and two casting models, ranging from 7’ to 7’6” in medium-light, medium and medium-heavy strengths that deliver casting distance and accuracy as well a fish fighting power. Each Mojo Yak comes with a 5-year warranty and will be available September 1, 2018. Learn more at


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