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“Who are those guys?” That was the question Butch and Sundance were asking as they were being pursued by a Marshal’s posse led by an Indian tracker known as Lord Baltimore. That is also what a lot of us were asking when GSM Outdoors, developed their plan to have a "fishy" future and expanded with the acquisition of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits in October 2021. It's also what many repeated when the Irving, TX company showed they were serious about fishing with the May 2022 purchase of Bill Lewis Lures. Up to that point in their history, the GSM's family of brands had been helping passionate hunters and shooters succeed through the manufacture of innovative outdoor products for five generations. Today's GSM continues to

leverage the latest technologies in their markets, while capitalizing on their brands’ heritage, and customer loyalty- a great fit for two classic fishing brands.

It was CEO Eddie Castro who targeted Yamamoto Baits as the perfect entrée into the fishing market. GSM, which stands for Good Sportsman Marketing, was formed in 1999, to market innovative accessories for hunting, sport shooting, and other niche outdoor markets. GSM now owns several industry-leading brands including Stealth Cam, Walker’s, Muddy, Hawk, Big Game, Birchwood Casey, Cold Steel, SOG, TruGlo, SME, TekMat, GPS Bags, CrossFire, HME, Skull Hooker, Viking Solutions, Hunters Specialties, Western Rivers, Cyclops, Boss Buck, American Hunter, and NAP- in addition to

Yamamoto plastics and Bill Lewis crankbaits. GSM’s focus on new product development, quality control, and customer support has earned the brand family a reputation for delivering top quality outdoor gear backed by responsive customer service. Conservation has also become a core value to GSM’s mission as the protection of the Nation’s wildlife heritage means GSM growth for generations to come.

The Company is backed by Gridiron Capital, an equity sponsor focused on helping business founders, entrepreneurs, and management teams create value by building their companies into industry-leaders in the USA. With Gridiron’s support, has become a market leader as a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide offering of outdoor sporting consumables, accessories, and gear, allowing them the resources to expand their culture of innovation and history of first-to-market product launches that has earned them the reputation of being brands of choice for sporting enthusiasts and outdoorsmen.

GSM supports and donates to organizations that promote outdoor access and wildlife & land conservation including Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Safari Club International, and Whitetails Unlimited. During 2020, GSM brands contributed over $1 million to the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Fund which funds habitat and wildlife conservation and directs funds towards state wildlife restoration projects. GSM’s largest brand, Walker’s, has been a major driver of increased adoption of hearing protection in the sportsman and outdoor enthusiast industry. GSM maintains USDA certification for bio-based, biodegradable products differentiated from chemical-alternatives.

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