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Ray Charles was not a kayaker, but he knew a thing or two about fishing- like "The night time is the right time". Most people think the world slows down when the sun goes down. But like Ray, our kayak specialist Zachery Warren has discovered quite the opposite. That's when fishing comes alive! Zach's most recent blog explained the ins and outs of installing lighting on your kayak. Now he explores what you'll need, in addition to those lights, to catch bass at night. It boils down to having a good headlamp, dark colored baits and/or lures that put out those good vibrations- Zach says you definitely need to get loud. At times it also takes steady nerves. You're gonna hear stuff go bump and splash in the night- and not see it. So it's important not to let your imagination run wild. Zach encourages fellow anglers not let those noises get to you. Many of Mother Nature's creatures get active at night, so often times it's just an armadillo, beaver, raccoon or some other critter doing what they do- which rarely, if ever, involves a fisherman in a kayak.

A lot of guys find that fishing the night, especially in summer, not only accommodates the work schedule and mitigates the heat of the day, it also allows anglers to take advantage of a time when bass are feeding heavily. Some of Zach's "go to" lures for the night include a 10" black and blue Berkley Fishing Power Worm.

When fishing the worm at night, the fish's location doesn't change much as night falls, but you need to rely on feel instead of watching your line- unless you are using a uv sensitive line and have a black light handy. Zach advises using a heavier line at night because the fish might not be

where you expect when you set the hook. You also wont be able to use you eyes to keep you from getting wrapped around a stump, tree or some other fish advantage structure. If you are willing to take your chance on a break off- there are anglers who recommend using lighter line to increase the feel. Each angler has to find that happy medium, then you'll be fine!

If your plan is to open water- points for example- a search bait like a black spinnerbait with a Colorado blade. The thump from the Colorado can be deadly. Throwing a shaky head with a craw bait like the NET BAIT Plastic Lures Paca Craw can be a real winner. Zach uses the hollow-bodied craw and fills the cavity with scent. The broad

claws create vibration that help the fish locate the bait.

Most importantly, especially in a kayak or small boat, keep things simple. You're not gonna need all the extra stuff and it is harder to get through it anyway. Set yourself up with your confidence lures, and a couple of good rod/reel combos. Remember your safety comes first- let somebody know where you will be and when before you go. Finally, the lake is a much different place when the sun goes down, so choose a location with which you are already familiar. #LiveThePassion!

The angler behind Kayak Korner, Zachery Warren, from Denison TX, is a carpenter. He works to build houses while teaching young people who have faced challenges to not only learn a trade but also learn to fish. Zach has become a well known competitor on the Texas and Oklahoma Kayak Bass Tournament scene and has become increasingly competitive. He holds the Largemouth Bass record on Oklahoma's Durant Lake- an 11.3 lb. monster. He is pro staff for The Reel MVPs baits and is a frequent contributor of Kayak Fishing articles to the iBass360 blog and the iBass360 digital magazine

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