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James Brown so revolutionized a style of music that they named him the Godfather of Soul. David Genz has done the same for ice fishing. The Godfather of Ice Fishing, Genz is one of fishings' true pioneers. Dave Genz has changed the way today's ice angler has access to the sport, and he is widely recognized for his vision and accomplishments- to which he is still adding. But above all, what Dave did to revolutionize ice fishing was to bring mobility.

For ice fishermen, there was the time BG (Before Genz)- the time when ice anglers were stuck over one hole in the ice where they stayed whether they caught a fish or not. It was Genz who built a better Fish Trap, a concept taken from a fishing boat and adapted for use on the ice. His now-famous Fish Trap was an instant set-up shelter moved easily on a skidding sled. He provided carpeted dry storage and walls that rose with the flip of the wrist. Genz' desire to achieve mobility kept him improving the design until he made just the right tool for the job.

Then there were the electronics. During the dark days of BG ice anglers fished blindly all winter.

But once he had the mobil shelter, Genz turned his attention to the invention of the Ice Box (now Vexilar's Genz Pack), an ingenious portable sonar holder that customized depth finders for use in the same hole from which he fished, making ice fishing a whole new game.

Dave’s impact on the sport, was born from the mind and eye of a fisherman, someone who

fished constantly, winter, spring, summer and fall. He revolutionized ice fishing by bringing what was great about open water fishing from a boat to the world of the ice. He brought the benefit of his studies of contour maps and fish habits to everything he designed for the ice.

Genz is the Inventor of the first portable "flip over style" fish house now know as Clam Outdoors Fish Trap. In addition to his many books and articles- including one for the Wall Street Journal, Dave has been inducted into both the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame and the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Angler


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