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Oh What A Catch!

Editor: There is a Rod Stewart song called, “Some Guys Have All The Luck”. So it is for

Scott Burns who found a life partner that was also his fishing partner. Here is Scott’s story:

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was a hot July morning, and I was at work. I heard a ding from my phone. It was a friend's request that not only changed my life but also started an amazing partnership. First there were several conversations. Then we decided to meet for lunch. Now I am a Southern boy who lives and breathes fishing. LaNette Luce Childers was also a Lufkin, Texas native. Maybe some would think things were moving fast, but our friendship was clearly growing into a relationship many could only dream of.

As our friendship transitioned into a relationship, I decided I needed to show her my world- the

world of an angler. I decided that a weekend trip to Lake Sam Rayburn would be the perfect date. For most people I know, Sam Rayburn is a lake that means big bass, not the first place that comes to mind when imagining a place to advance a relationship. But I really felt the need to take her to the spots I've fished for years, places where I would have a chance to show her my passion.

I was impressed by how eager she was, and how quickly, to learn this great sport of bass fishing. She was a quick study, and I was impressed by not only how gifted she was, but how readily she accepted the challenge of both the new fishing adventure but also a new life adventure. Maybe it should not have surprised me since LaNette, a 10 year cancer survivor, already had shown me a NO QUIT attitude. I was already aware of her determination and her appreciation for what living life was truly about.

The Sam Rayburn trip led to a few more trips to different Southern Lakes. From these experiences, I knew she had all the makings of a fantastic partner- maybe I should say fishing partner- and one day I looked at her and just asked her if she would like to fish tournaments with me as my partner. The smile on her face and spark in her eyes were priceless- obviously making a big impression on me. If she was going to be a tournament angler, she had to have all the gear of a tournament angler, and so the shopping spree began. In addition to accumulating the right gear, I knew that if she was serious about this, I would need to start passing on my years of accumulated fishing knowledge. Once again she impressed me with how fast she caught on. Not only did it leave me

speechless, but it also made me so proud of her. She was ready to take her place where she belonged- on the water!

Many of you know this story, but it is worth retelling. Lanette and I took a fantastic trip to Crystal Beach with friends and family. It was on this trip that I got down on one knee and asked her to be more than just my tournament partner but also my life partner. When she said yes, I knew my life was going to get even more exciting. You see now our partnership made us a triple threat- life partners, fishing partners, and, after teaching her about the marketing and sponsorship side of the Industry, we became business

partners. Here again she impressed me with her skills,

LaNette is a natural and fishing is in her blood. What makes me really happy is that not only do I

see it, but her sponsors also see it and believe in her just as much as I do. You might say we have jumped in with both feet. We have now registered to fish the largest and hardest team trail in Southern waters- The Texas Team Trail.

Let's face it, it is a male dominated sport, but I have every confidence in her ability to run with

the big dogs. The woman has skills. LaNette, loves worm fishing and has an uncanny nack for assessing lake conditions and determining patterns. Armed with a full set up of rods, reels and tackle, she's excited to be out there casting, cranking, and sharing my love and passion of bass fishing. Our tournament season begins in the cold water and weather of February. In the mean time she is learning more about Carolina rigging, jerk baits and other techniques for fishing cold Southern waters.

I want to personally thank I Bass360 for welcoming both of us to their amazing family and for supporting LaNette's new found passion. Follow our adventures this season as we embark on an amazing fishing partnership to LIVE THE PASSION.

Scott Burns has been tournament fishing since 1998. He came to our attention when he teamed with fellow angler Misty Schmidt to win the Texas Pink Fishing fund raiser. Scott has been involved with such highly recognized organizations as B.A.S.S. and FLW, and he has also been involved in supporting High School fishing. Scott is pro-staff for Crossed Industries, Liquid Mayhem, Ilusion Baits and Sport Threads custom jerseys. In addition to Sport Threads, Ilusion and Liquid Mayhem, his fiancee LaNette Luce Childers is sponsored by Pink Fishing and Ron Jones Custom Fishing Rods.


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