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New Gear For A Savage Attack!

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

As lure companies go, Savage Gear is still a relative new kid on the block. Despite garning a number of ICAST awards, they are not the first lure company on the tip of angler's tongues. Savage Gear lures are the result of a global design team with a desire to take down the largest predatory fish in the water. Their attitude is all about dominating the water and the fish swimming in it. Their drive translates into thousands of hours with rod in hand testing the action of and reaction to swimbaits, crankbaits and soft plastic lures of their design. If they get savage strikes- the complete, absolute and total commitment of the fish to kill and eat the lure- only then will it carry the Savage name to the consumer fisherman.

An integral part of the design philosophy is the elimination of traditional thinking about lure development. This allows them to break the traditional molds when it comes manufacturing reliable and lifelike jointed baits. To achieve their lifelike attributes requires precision balance to achieve the desired swimming action, as well as the ability to mimic the small details such as how the bait glides and stops on the pause. Savage uses 3-dimensional computer modeling that captures the true details of shape and proportion.

When you spend this much time trying to elicite a big predator's vicious strike, there is an excitiing feeling of hope about each bait they manufacture. In as much as confidence is one of the most valuable tools in any angler's tackle bag, these lures are designed to give the fisherman a feeling of total domination. With their lures, Savage attempts to create an instinctual response from predatory fish so that the casting angler can essentially dare the big fish to strike. That is #LivingThePassion!


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