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The Healthy Side of Fishing

Fishing is one of the most accessible outdoor sports. Nearly anyone, no matter age, income level or even fitness ability, can easily participate. And the sport is no longer the boys’ club it was once thought of either. Of the 46 million Americans who fish today, over one third of them are women.

Every Angler knows that fishing can be a great mind and stress reliever. In fact, that is why many people,later in life, take up the sport. Of the nine percent of Americans currently considering taking up the sport, 38 percent of them are interested in it as a means of relieving stress, according to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. In addition, Doctors have been known to recommend taking up fishing to individuals with illnesses like hypertension and PTSD. Fishing may decrease symptoms of PTSD.The combination of mental relaxation and an easy form of exercise could help those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. It has been found that children with ADHD can also benefit in the sport. Now, science can also back up additional health benefits in fishing.

Fishing is a perfect low stress, low impact activity that keeps you moving for hours

Benefits to your heart walking to your favorite fishing spot can get your heart rate up Saltwater fishing for trophy sized fish can give you a work out when reeling Even smaller fish keep the body in motion

Benefits to you Brain removing yourself from life’s stresses can recharge your brain and help you to better focus. Focusing at one task at hand (Fishing) can relax the Brain and be a faster track to stress relief. Finding a way to relax the Brain is vital to one’s mental health,dexterity,Baiting, reeling, etc; keeps your fingers, shoulders and arms flexible Fresh High Oxygen Air is great for your body.Spending Time outdoors can raise your Vitamin D.

With a mix of physical activity, relaxation, fresh air, tranquility, sunshine and the feeling of fulfillment when catching a fish, you will achieve a sounder and healthier mind and body after your fishing trips. At times, you may want to go fishing alone but bringing a close friend will make your fishing excursion more enjoyable. With all these benefits of fishing, there is no reason for you not to have fishing a part of your life. Always remember to TAKE A KID FISHING and LIVE THE PASSION!


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