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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Norm Lee knows. When you work structure- points, sunken roads, creek beds, a stump field- and get a bite, then another, you have to dial in your approach. You check the size of the bait, the color, the retrieve. Basically, you must dial in your approach by determining what the fish want. Guides like Norm spend a lot of time on the water, and they really understand how to establish a pattern. They are more successful than most at "getting in the fishes head". Lure manufactures understand the value of this knowledge, especially if they are avid fishermen themselves.

Steve Dial, owner of Bruiser Baits understands the value a guy like Norm brings to the engineering, manufacture and testing of new designs. You might say Steve "Dials" in his approach with baits made for fishermen using a lot of input from fishermen. Bruiser started with plastics and continues to expand the breadth of its offering to a wide variety of worms, swimmers, and creatures. They are now extending that approach into crankbaits with squarebills, divers and jerkbaits.

Norman Lee is one of the newer members of the iBass360 team. In talking with him and fishing with him we have quickly discovered he takes a very thoughtful approach to the products he represents and the manufacturers he supports. He does a lot of his own on the water testing before he commits. He has been representing Bruiser Baits pro staff team on and off the water for the past 8 years including a lot of time spent fishing with Steve in Florida. As an experienced angler, he knows what works and what he needs in his tackle box under a wide variety of fishing conditions, and the Bruiser Baits "made by fishermen for fishermen" approach complements his fishing style. As a small businessman himself, Norm appreciates that Bruiser Baits is the Dial family business, owned and operated by Steve and his wife Amber Chisam-Dial. Their products are premium quality baits that are thoroughly tested and proven.

Bruiser Baits' goal is to provide the angler with the bait he needs in the situation in which it works best. Their pro staff team, including professional tournament angler Brandon McMillan, thoroughly tests each bait before it hits the market to insure the bait fits with Bruiser's premium quality product line. That means they are proven to put fish in the boat. Steve is a tournament angler and he wants to make sure his baits are tested under the toughest tournament situations. He believes his customers should demand the same winning performance he expects from his own products. That means making sure that each design can repeatedly be produced to have the right fish catching action, and he is always collecting customer feedback at

Despite their small business, family-owned modus operandi, their product line, especially their plastics, is as broad as many of the larger corporate names. From the McMinnow and Super Swimmer, great for catching smallmouth, to their big bass ribbon-tail worm- the 14.25" Da Big Nasty, each bait in their family of plastics offers a lot of options in rigging. Many of their baits work extremely well Carolina rigged and have produced a number of "five biggest" bags over 40 lbs for the day, and consistently produce "five biggest" bags averaging 8 lbs. per fish. For Norm, the terminal tackle (jigs and weights) for Bruiser rigged products comes from sister company Flat Out Tungsten. To round out the offering of what you need for a day on the water, the Dials also offer buffs, gloves and sun/bug clothing, as well as punch skirts, hooks and a whole lot more. To learn more, contact Norm on social media or visit and

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