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Our Annual Trip To See The Best In Fishing- iCast Never Disappoints

Updated: Jun 13

iBass360 editor's note: Rob Zorn, President of iBass360, has been attending ICAST for a number of years. Here are his observations as to what ICAST2024 is all about.

It's safe to say that if you’ve been around 67 years, you have some serious staying power. So it is for ICAST- the premier trade show event in the global fishing industry. Although not open to the general public, ICAST continues to be the place where the most valuable business relationships are born, strengthened and celebrated, and if you have the will, you’ll find the way in. When it comes to doing things on a grand scale and at the highest standard, Orlando as a convention venue is hard to beat with its world class dining and lodging, expansive Orange County Convention Center, and entertainment venues for all ages and interests. The ICAST/Orlando combined planning team makes it easy to do business at ICAST offering discounts at hotels and restaurants and providing a great atmosphere for manufacturers, distributors and dealers to greet, meet, and form mutually beneficial relationships that very well could shape profitability in the coming years.

Products: ICAST is the place to see the latest technologies and new products being introduced. Many companies reveal their latest innovations. Some companies make their worldwide debut. Once you have attended, you realize that "If you don't go to ICAST, it's going to be 3-4 months before you see some of the new products coming to market." The breadth of introductions is unlimited as you will be able to see the latest from domestic brands, and experience new product offerings from Australia, Japan and multiple European countries. Attendees get to participate in one of the most popular ICAST events, the New Product Showcase and maybe cast a vote for the best of show in many tackle, gear, apparel and accessories categories. Products are selected and winners named “Best of Show” and “Best of Category”. It’s a great place to walk around and see everything from freshwater and saltwater reels to the latest in marine equipment and fishing accessories. The New Product Showcase embodies the sportfishing industry’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit by recognizing the year’s most innovative products culminating in the “Best of Show” honors. Retailers and media can attend the preview reception to get their first look at the entries and begin the voting process for 41 “Best of Category” awards. 

Attendees: ICAST is a who’s who of movers and shakers in the fishing industry. Media personalities, tournament anglers, industry spokespeople, retailers, wholesalers, independent tackle shop owners, buyers, Pro-Staff, independent manufacturers’, manufacturers eps, social media creators, tackle builders/designers and Industry Representatives are all gathered in one place. At ICAST, if you can think it, need it or want it, you’ll find somebody there who has it. It is certainly the best place to meet experts to learn about all different aspects of the fishing community from legislative policy initiatives, conservation efforts, better business practices, techniques for advertising and using social media, and ideas to increase your product reach to tournament anglers, weekend warriors, women anglers, families, kids, and a lot more.

Doing Business: In the end, ICAST is the hub of the fishing industry- the biggest congregation of businesses, business people and people doing fishing business. It’s a place to get connected, make connection, network, and move your fishing business ahead. As a premier showcase for the latest in gear, tackle, accessories, and apparel it should fill your brain with ideas and take your creativity to new heights. It is just a great place to walk around and see everything and everybody- old friends and new- from the freshwater, saltwater and flyfishing world. There’s even a fishing tournament open to all- all who organize themselves and pay the fee that is.

ICAST is the cornerstone of the sportfishing industry, helping to drive recreational fishing product sales year round. Come, learn, enjoy, prosper, and #LiveThePassion


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