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You might say it was DESTIN-Y

iBass360 is very excited to welcome the two newest additions to the 360Family!

Cali Hlavac and charter Capt. Lionel James from Destin, Florida

Lionel grew up fishing with his father in Melbourne, FL before the military relocated his family to Anchorage, Alaska. It was there that he honed his fishing skills for salmon and trout in the many rivers and streams. When he graduated, he joined the Air Force and ended up back in Florida- this time in Destin, where he fished every spare moment he got. After mastering the local waters, He followed his dream of by running his own fishing charter by establishing Lions Tale Adventures- Destin Fishing Charters. In 2017, Captain James appeared on the nationally televised, Addictive Fishing with Captain Blair Wiggins - The Mogan Man, on FOX Sports and the Pursuit Channel. his life partner,

Cali (kay-lee) is a Midwest girl, who grew up fishing lakes and rivers with her dad in Nebraska. After college she started a video production company in Lincoln and worked there until relocating to Destin to further her love of the water. She currently works behind the scenes with a variety of businesses to help them grow through video, marketing and social media. Her love for the water led to love on the saltwater fishing together with Captain Lionel. You might say it was Destin-y! Welcome to the family that #LiveThePassion!


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