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A Band Of Anglers - Roll Shad

A Band Of Anglers - Roll Shad

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Once again Patrick Sebile Creations designed another great lure for the Hyperlastics brand, introducing the Roll Shad.  Patrick designed the Roll Shad with enhanced rolling action and a complimentary kicking motion like no other Shad style paddle tails of this size.  Made of extremely buoyant and durable SOFTOUGH material, the Roll Shad has superb swimming action and can take the abuse from landing multiple aggressive fish.  Another key feature Patrick incorporated in the Roll Shad, a flat belly, so it can land on the bottom upright.  Patrick Sebile signed this bait with his signature inverse curve 6/0 hook,

The Roll Shad is 6 inches long and weighs 3.6 ounces, available in 8 colors.

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