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Shimano Macbeth  50F

Shimano Macbeth 50F

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Made for those looking to increase their bait's profile to draw bites from bigger bass, the Shimano Macbeth 50F Crankbait expands Shimano's offering of freshwater lures into the realm of plus-sized squarebills. The Macbeth Big 75F was designed to probe shallow ranges of about 3 to 5 feet. The use of a Hybrid Edge bill gives this crankbait a dynamic rolling action with a fast wobble to elicit reaction strikes. The single-piece molded weight within the buoyant body keeps the bait running true even during fast retrieves and recovers quickly after contacting obstacles. From shallow to mid-range depths, the Macbeth Big is ideal for targeting bass feeding on larger forage fish whether they're out in the open or hiding amongst heavy cover. 

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