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Daiwa J-Fluoro Fluorocarbon Leader

Daiwa J-Fluoro Fluorocarbon Leader

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Daiwa J-Fluoro is a new fluorocarbon leader material from Daiwa. Like the braided line from Daiwa's world-renowned J-Braid series, J-Fluoro is Japanese made fluorocarbon manufactured using the most precise line extruding technologies in the world, making the consistency of J-Fluoro leader next to none.

The crystal clear line is virtually invisible underwater and Daiwa's new spool band technology makes the leader material easy to dispense as the elastic band controls the tag end on the leader spool. This also allows more line to be fit on a smaller spool so precious tackle box or boat storage space isn't wasted on bulky spools.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself, "if this stuff is truly premium Japanese fluorocarbon, how is priced so competitively?" Well, that's because Daiwa is one of the largest and most respected fishing tackle brands in the world they have immense buying power when it comes to purchasing the raw materials needed to produce the line, getting it at greater quantities at better rates than their competitors. Daiwa is then able to pass these savings on to the consumer and offer great fluorocarbon at bargain prices. Daiwa J-Fluoro is available in 50 or 100 yard spools (varies by pound test) in strengths ranging from an ultra-finesse 2 pound test to a robust 80 pound test.

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