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Jet Custom Tackle Green Pumpkin Black Arky Jig

Jet Custom Tackle Green Pumpkin Black Arky Jig

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  Voted Mr. Popular by its classmates, a very useful all-purpose Bass jig. Our jig utilizes the double holder collar and the premium Victory turned eye, black nickel hook, making it the ideal choice to pull over the snags and still grab a hold of Mr. Bucket Mouth.


V-LOC™ 60° Flat Eye Jig Hook


  • Standard wire with flat eye and black nickle finish.
  • Features the Endura Needle Point.

Made in the USA! StarFlash Fine Series skirts are the highest quality jig and spinner bait skirts on the market. From our special silicone and StarFlash flake formulation to our production process, where they are handcrafted and trimmed, you won’t find a better skirt!


  • Most vibrant colors and flake imaginable
  • Round silicone fine strands won’t stick together
  • Fine strands present even more tantalizing pulsating action
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