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Livingston Lure Squeaky Pete 233

Livingston Lure Squeaky Pete 233

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The Squeaky Pete is one of the most versatile lures you’ll ever fish for trophy musky, pike, walleye and striped bass. The elongated body and lip design allow you to troll, crank, or twitch it, with the kind of side-to-side wobble that oversized predators can’t resist. The Squeaky Pete shines when it’s twitched. Cast it, and occasionally snap-twitch it to make it dart erratically at mid-depth, an action that will drive aggressive fish wild. Combine that with the power of EBS TechnologyTM – the actual biological sounds of common forage species like perch and bluegill – and you have the ability to attract fish from double the distance of traditional twitch baits! Built with 2mm wire-through construction.

Lure Specs:

Type: Crankbait/Jerkbait
Depth: 2’-7’
Trolling: 2.5mph -3.9 mph
Action: Floating
Weight: 3.08 oz
Length: 9.2”,
Features: EBS Smart Chip
Hooks: 3X Strong, VMC BZ 3/O X3

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