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Livingston Lure Voyager 30

Livingston Lure Voyager 30

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The deep-diving action of the VOYAGER 30 was engineered to get down to the 30-foot depth range where tuna, redfish, kingfish, striped bass, drum, and your choice of catch often reside. And once it’s down there, the Voyager 30 goes to work, with an irresistible, baitfish-imitating swim action that holds up to both high- and low-speed trolling. It delivers the undeniable attraction of EBS Technology that emits the actual biological sounds of baitfish, such as ballyhoo, croaker, and mullet, to draw fish from double the distance of traditional lures. This “Fish Catching Machine” is the first deep-trolling lure that perfectly mimics both the natural sound and swim action of the forage that saltwater predators feed on! The Voyager 30 is built with 2mm wire-through construction to withstand challenging strikes.

Lure Specs:

Type: Crankbait
Depth: Up to 30’
Action: Deep Diver
Trolling: 8 mph up to 11.5 mph
Weight: 2.8 oz
Length: 6.3”
Features: EBS Smart Chip
Hooks: 3X Strong VMC PS, 4/O X2

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