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Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbait

Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbait

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The Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbait Was designed to solve the issues many anglers have with casting a large, jointed swimbait. Shimano's ARMA BOOST technology significantly increases casting distance and accuracy. When the lure is cast, it disconnects from an internal magnet, forcing the body to fold into a compact shape that reduces air resistance and prevents the lure from spinning. After hitting the water, the body reengages with the magnet, unfolding the lure and enabling it to move through the water with a smooth, natural swimming action. It swims in an S-pattern, but doesn't flare out when stopped. Retrieve it fast or slow, or change it up! When paused it has a natural slow-rising action. The Armajoint 190SF also features Shimano's FLASH BOOST technology that constantly emits a flash during the retrieve that fish can't resist! SCALE BOOST has also been incorporated to add depth and realism to the scale pattern of the lure. If you are looking for the perfect long-casting, high performance swimbait, you definitely want to have some Shimano Armajoint 190SF Flash Boost Swimbaits ready to go!

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