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Shimano World Crank 73F Crankbaits

Shimano World Crank 73F Crankbaits

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A deadly crankbait for attacking mid-depth strike zones, the Shimano World Crank 73F Crankbaits are designed with Shimano’s Boost Concept technologies and have a distinct action that elicits bites from trophy-sized fish. Built with a large front lip to create an aggressive swimming action and reach depths of 10-12ft quickly, the World Crank 73F capitalizes on Shimano’s Jet Boost technology to improve casting distance and enable the angler to work the water column more efficiently.

Emitting a continuous flash that resembles the quivering action of a wounded baitfish, Flash Boost technology suspends a piece of foil on micro springs within the lure to reflect light and attract fish, even when paused. Scale Boost technology utilizes composite-pitch holograms to provide this crankbait with life-like scale patterns and incredible realism. Made with floating action so they can back out of snags and cover, the Shimano World Crank 73F Crankbaits rise slowly with a wobble to activate boost concept technologies.

World Crank 73F2-7/8"5/8oz10-12ftFloating
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