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SPRO John Crews Megalojohn Swimbait

SPRO John Crews Megalojohn Swimbait

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Designed by Elite Series Angler John Crews, the SPRO John Crews Megalojohn 6” Swimbait an innovative magnet harness system and lifelike design to amplify attraction and performance. Made with an internal wire harness that connects to a SPRO split ring, barrel swivel, and size 2 black nickel Gamakatsu treble hook, the SPRO Megalojohn Swimbait features a SPRO Soft Bait Hook Keeper Magnet molded into the belly, which keeps the hook in place, without having to bury the hook point into the plastic. The beauty of this design is that once you hook a fish, the swivel/treble system will pull away from the magnet allowing the fish less leverage to throw your hook.

This swimbait can be used in many different applications, but it will shine for open water fishing around docks, sea walls, and mid-water column fishing on forward facing sonar.  The Megalojohn Swimbait is made of very soft plastic that allows for a hard thumping tail action and more importantly a tail that will easily fold to allow for a great hookset when the bait is engulfed by a bass.  The SPRO Megalojohn is offered in a variety of fish catching colors and includes life-like fins that slightly quiver as the bait is swims. Any release by SPRO, especially with John Crews name on it is bound to be a winner.  If you are looking for a new soft swimbait to add to the arsenal, the SPRO John Crews MegaloJohn 6” Swimbait is the one.

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