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Strike King KVD Elite 300 Jerkbait

Strike King KVD Elite 300 Jerkbait

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Designed to produce the same erratic action as the original KVD jerkbait, the Strike King KVD Elite 300 Jerkbait delivers the perfect combination of roll, wiggle, and flash to entice bites from fish during all months of the year. Providing an incredibly wide side-to-side lunging movement when twitched on a slack line, the 300 Elite Jerkbait features an advanced internal weight transfer system that defines its lethal action and ensures long-distance casting.

Finished with 3D eyes and incredible detailing to fool the most discerning predators in clear water, the suspending action of this jerkbait allows it to be paused and hover longer in the strike zone. Available in a wide range of new KVD-approved colors, the Strike King KVD Elite 300 Jerkbait are tournament ready straight out of the package with three razor-sharp size #4 Mustad KVD triple grip treble hooks.

Strike KingLengthWeightDepthClass
KVD 300 Elite4.75"1/2oz4-7ftSuspending
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