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Trout Magnet 152 Piece Kit

Trout Magnet 152 Piece Kit

SKU: 6-54296-87699-5
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30 hooks, 120 bodies, 2 floats

(TMK) The Trout Magnet 152 piece kit is our original Trout Magnet kit and has a great color selection. Included are (10) brown, black, mint green, white / chartreuse, gold glitter, rainbow glitter, yellow, red, orange, pink, and (20) white grub-like bodies. Along with the assorted color selection are 15 gold and 15 silver unique shad-dart heads. This 150 piece kit is all you need to ensure an exciting and successful fishing trip. Check out our color chart to view other Trout Magnet colors.

  • How To Fish A Trout Magnet

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